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  • game Vektor Shipht

    Год: 2017
    Cыграли: 347
    ◊ ИГРАТЬ

    Название: Vektor Shipht
    Описание: Vektor Shipht is a mouse-avoider game which uses cumulative intertial movement to swing a spike and pop bubbles. Movement not only keeps you safe from bubbles, but it also controls the movement of the spike at the same time, creating a challenging game.

    Cыграли: 347 раз

  • game Eva Longoria Make up

    Год: 2017
    Cыграли: 341
    ◊ ИГРАТЬ

    Название: Eva Longoria Make up
    Описание: Put some fancy make up on Eva Longoria - she's already one of the prettiest celebrities out there, but some well applied make up and accessories choice will enhance her beauty even further.

    Cыграли: 341 раз

  • game Machaon

    Год: 2017
    Cыграли: 405
    ◊ ИГРАТЬ

    Название: Machaon
    Описание: Machaon is a snake like game. The goal is to eat insects so as to gain points

    Cыграли: 405 раз

  • game Neon Bricks 4K

    Год: 2017
    Cыграли: 452
    ◊ ИГРАТЬ

    Название: Neon Bricks 4K
    Описание: 4K Brick Game Developed for the Game Poetry 4K Flash game contest. This was the smallest possible brick-style game I could make in 4K. The multiple levels are created using bit manipulation and screen copying. Collect bullets by hitting bricks with (0) in them.

    Cыграли: 452 раз

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