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  • game Wizmaze

    Год: 2017
    Cыграли: 326
    ◊ ИГРАТЬ

    Название: Wizmaze
    Описание: Level 1 AND 2 of my new game, Wizmaze! A simple maze avoider with objects to dodge too!

    Cыграли: 326 раз

  • game Blobie

    Год: 2017
    Cыграли: 325
    ◊ ИГРАТЬ

    Название: Blobie
    Описание: Blobie is an interactive space shooter twist. Instead of shooting things, you simply run into them... with the Sun! You play as a god in charge of saving Earth's star, the Sun. To do this, you must continually crash the Sun into random matter floating about outer space to make it grow! Watch out though, as not all matter is created equally... some might be your downfall.

    Cыграли: 325 раз

  • game Bang Ball

    Год: 2017
    Cыграли: 638
    ◊ ИГРАТЬ

    Название: Bang Ball
    Описание: The bang ball always wants to move right and fall down. Your mission is to keep the bang ball floating by hitting the bars. Bars gain speed, reduces length after certain intervals of score. So be alert.

    Cыграли: 638 раз

  • game Park Life

    Год: 2017
    Cыграли: 407
    ◊ ИГРАТЬ

    Название: Park Life
    Описание: Collect all the parts of your team's skateboards, spread all over the slums by your arch rivals.

    Cыграли: 407 раз

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