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Anbot 2

Anbot 2



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  • game Snail Alert 2

    Год: 2018
    Cыграли: 338
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    Название: Snail Alert 2
    Описание: Snail Alert 2 is a funny and addictive game in which your objective is to keep a subterranean gallery safe from the evil snails. CONTROLS: MOVEMENT: Cursors PAUSE MENU: Esc RESTART: Restart GAME MECHANICS 1. The player controls a small, water-propelled capsule. 2. This capsule has a limited capacity of water. When it runs out of water, the player needs to reload it at the bottom of the stage. 3. There are five columns that support the subterranean gallery. 4. The evil snails will apear at the bottom of the columns and will try to destroy them by exploding themselfs.

    Cыграли: 338 раз

  • game Cone Crazy 2

    Год: 2018
    Cыграли: 425
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    Название: Cone Crazy 2
    Описание: The sequel to Cone Crazy is here! More obstacles, bigger play area, and now with lives. You now have 60 seconds to clock up the points, but be careful of trees, potholes and lamp posts. Don't drive like this at home! Leaderboard Enabled.

    Cыграли: 425 раз

  • game Revolution

    Год: 2018
    Cыграли: 299
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    Название: Revolution
    Описание: Top-down view room escape game

    Cыграли: 299 раз

  • game Pretty Prom Nail Design

    Год: 2018
    Cыграли: 358
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    Название: Pretty Prom Nail Design
    Описание: Artistic girls need a way to express themselves in everything they do.If a plain one-color manicure isn't going to be good enough for you at prom, nail art could be perfect.Design your nails with any color and fashion styles.

    Cыграли: 358 раз

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