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  • game Masterfisher

    Год: 2018
    Cыграли: 346
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    Название: Masterfisher
    Описание: You are a fisherman and your task is to get enough money by catching fish. You have to complete requirements at each level in order to get to the next level. Each following level has higher value fish, but the task to be completed is also more difficult. There are three kinds of hooks, high value fish can be picked only be high value hooks. In case you use a higher value hook and you catch a fish with lower value, you earn only half the money. Your hook can only be changed if it is pulled back to top position. Try saving time, since your time remaining can be taken on to the next level. Bonuses also swim in the water, but you can only pick them if there is no fish on your hook. Good Luck!

    Cыграли: 346 раз

  • game Tringo

    Год: 2019
    Cыграли: 322
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    Название: Tringo
    Описание: Big blocks get big points!

    Cыграли: 322 раз

  • game Grummigoons

    Год: 2019
    Cыграли: 332
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    Название: Grummigoons
    Описание: Make your very own Grummigoon! Choose from a wide range of accessories to customize your doll!

    Cыграли: 332 раз

  • game Гонка за мороженым

    Год: 2018
    Cыграли: 588
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    Название: Гонка за мороженым
    Описание: Гонка за мороженым. Да-да, и такое бывает!

    Cыграли: 588 раз

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